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Adama Center – Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2021

The Adama Center congratulates the 11 recipients of scholarships for 2020 and 2021:

Rebecca Elias, PhD student, Chemistry/Exact Sciences

Shani Lazary, PhD student, Plant Sciences and Food Security/Life Sciences

Maya Hadar, PhD student, Chemistry/Exact Sciences

Tlalit Massarano, PhD student, Biotechnology/Life Sciences

Shahar Tevet, PhD student, Chemistry/Exact Sciences

Lucia Adriana Lifshits, PhD student, Dental Medicine/Medicine

Maria Ponomariov, MSc student, Chemistry/Exact Sciences

Shaanan Sack, MSc student, Environmental Engineering/Engineering

Inbal Lupovitz, MSc student, Chemistry/Exact Sciences

Shira Gavriely, MSc student, Materials Sciences and Engineering/Engineering

Tomer Reuveni, MSc student, Chemistry/Exact Science

At a prestigious ceremony, the Adama Center, operating in the School of Chemistry, in collaboration with the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security and the Faculty of Medicine, granted scholarships to 11 exceptional student fellows of The Adama Center. The center, established in 2020, is a trailblazing model in Israel and globally, combining academia with the Isdustry connecting groundbreaking academic research to on-the-ground practices for smart crop protection formulations. The scholarship recipients are graduate students from a broad range of disciplines (chemistry, life sciences, plant sciences, biotechnology, and dentistry).

At the ceremony, conducted by Head of the Center, Prof. Roey Amir, greetings and congratulations were delivered by Prof. Ariel Porat, President of the University; Dr. Yoav Avidor, VP of Innovation, Research, Development and Regulatory Affairs at Adama; Prof. Tova Milo, Dean, Faculty of Exact Sciences; and Prof. Abed Alsalam Azam, Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences.

All of the distinguished speakers acknowledged the Adama Center as an outstanding example of bringing multidisciplinary subjects together, the excellence of the students chosen as its leaders, and the efficiency of the team which established the Center in a very short time and developed new, relevant courses, and is currently establishing a designated lab with the massive equipment needed for the Center’s activities, and arousing considerable interest in industry and academia.

Each and every one of the 11 scholarship recipients, presented their fascinating fields of research, each pioneering in their own fields. In light of the importance of gender equality and diversity in Science and Technology, it is noteworthy that among the 11 scholarship recipients, chosen solely on the basis of scientific merit and the suitability of their research fields, 9 are women, breaking through the glass ceiling and reinforcing our aim to create gender balance, as it should be, in academia and industry.

We wish them all great success in their future endeavors, certain that from the fertile land provided for them here by the Adama Center, we will witness the growth of many new and innovative things!!!!

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