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Adama Center – Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2023

The Adama Center congratulates the 4 new recipients of scholarships:

Ms. Zoe Talya Yagil, MSc student, Chemistry/Exact Sciences

(Research subject: The interplay between fluctuations of particle density and driving in particle laden complex fluids, academic advisor: Prof. Yael Roichman)

Ms. Amit Israelstam, MSc student, Chemistry/Exact Sciences

(Research subject: Optimization of formulations for Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance

Spectroscopy, academic advisor: Dr. Ilia Kaminker)

Ms. Tal Camchy, PhD student, Plant Sciences and Food Security/Life Sciences

(Research subject: Innovative rooting enhancers for the propagation of crop and forest trees resistant to climate change related stresses, academic advisor: Dr. Roy Weinstain)

Ms. Ksenia Leo, PhD student, Plant Sciences and Food Security/Life Sciences

(Research subject: Unveiling the ecological role and molecular mode of action of plant pathogens, academic advisor: Prof. Guido Sessa)

The ADAMA Center for Novel Delivery Systems in Crop Protection in Tel-Aviv University, which is operating in the School of Chemistry, in collaboration with the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security and the Faculty of Medicine, granted scholarships to 4 new exceptional student fellows of the ADAMA Center. The center, established in 2020, is a trailblazing model in Israel and globally, brining together Academia and Industry to train the next generation of experts in crop protection formulations. The scholarship recipients are graduate students from a broad range of disciplines (chemistry, life sciences, plant sciences, biotechnology, and dentistry).

At the ceremony, which was led by the Head of the Center, Prof. Roey Amir, Prof. Dan Peer, TAU Vice President for Research and Development, congratulated the new student fellows and emphasized the importance of chemistry and formulation science. Next, Dr. Yoav Avidor, VP of Innovation, Research, Development and Regulatory Affairs at ADAMA, gave a brief presentation of the activity of ADAMA in developing products for crop protection and their importance to ensuring food supply for the rapidly growing population of the world. He addressed the key role that formulation science plays in the development of new product; Prof. Tova Milo, Dean, Faculty of Exact Sciences and Prof. Abed Alsalam Azam, Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences, also greeted the new fellows and addressed the importance of multi-disciplinary training and research for raising the next generation of researchers, and Prof. Moshe Kol, Head of the School of Chemistry, completed the greetings while addressing the importance of improving the connections between Industry and Academia.

After the greetings, the newly selected fellows received their certificates, followed by poster session in which the previously selected scholarship recipients, presented their fascinating fields of research, each pioneering in their own fields, to sector heads and team leaders from ADAMA and to the TAU faculty members, allowing for deeper in person discussion of their research and future career plans.

We wish all the ADAMA student fellows great success in their future studies and careers, hoping that from the fertile ground provided for them by the ADAMA Center, we will witness the growth of the next generation of scientists that will lead the field of agrochemical formulations !!!!

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